Why do we age? What is ageing?

Is it eating disorder? Overworking? Stress or anxiety? Social anxiety?You are at a movie. You get really into it, your heart pumping, your mind racing, focused on the safety of the hero. But the stress on your body is as if you were in some of that danger yourself. Stress tells the body that it’s in danger, needs to work more. The body needs more energy. It send more sugar to make up the difference through miscalculation. The sugar gets their attempting to add to supply material for work. However the enzymes are saying “who asked you to come? Why do we need you?” Ultimately the different parts of the body are miscommunicating and getting confused. Over time these small issues backfire more and more on the central nervous system. This goes further, when someone holds a grudge. It is not something that is just recorded then sits in the memory. The grudge keeps coming up and making the receptors in the brain over work unnecessarily. These receptors are now working 2,3,4 times harder than necessary. It’s just like red-lining or flooding a car. This over time causes faster ageing. We all know those that don’t stress themselves look younger. Hatred, envy, jealousy, and grudge. All these make your body work 10 times harder without accomplishing anything. Yes, very small amounts of these for short term build our body and mind. However, physical effects of these emotions, force your body and mind to age faster.

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