Treatment Process


The ibogaine treatment process is unique to each individual as David Dardashti works closely to ensure proper dosing and setting for the guest to gain the maximum benefit from the treatment. Many, especially those addicted to heroin, suboxone, methadone, or other opiates, fear withdrawal and are therefore afraid to seek help. However, ibogaine treatment rebalances the body and stops any symptoms of withdrawal before they start. If you’re worried about withdrawal, and this is holding you back from seeking help, we encourage you to call and speak with David Dardashti himself. He has personally helped thousands of people to safely, comfortably, overcome addiction to a wide range of powerful drugs including Suboxone and Subutex.


For most clients, the treatment process begins with a flight down to Cancun, Mexico where a caring member of the Ibogaine Clinic team will be waiting to pick you up from the airport. Our shuttle service will have a colored sign that has your name on it so that you can easily recognize us. We will bring you back to the clinic, which is about 40 minutes from the airport. The first dose of ibogaine will be given after you arrive at the treatment facility. This ensures that NO symptoms of withdrawal will cause undue pain or distress to the individual.

Prior to the full ibogaine treatment initiation, you will meet with a nurse that will provide a full physical assessment including an EKG, blood pressure assessment, and any other necessary medical examinations to help our team develop a treatment plan for you.  Next, one of our doctors spends 1-2 hours assessing your physical and psychological needs to identify the root of your problems. Each client is treated with a unique approach. This is not your standard “height” + “weight” = “treatment protocol” that many facilities use to provide care to clients. David and the 15 doctors and specialists at the Ibogaine Clinic work diligently to determine a customized protocol of treatment that includes the exact amount of ibogaine for your healing needs.


When clients ask the common question, “what is ibogaine treatment?” What they really want to know is, “Will treatment be scary? Will treatment hurt? Will it be like that time at XYZ Rehab when I suffered for weeks? Will I hallucinate?…” These questions and so many others arise when considering ibogaine therapy for the very first time. In fact, it’s very common for humans to allow fear of the unknown to interrupt their thought processes and develop a sense of anxiety that is stronger than the “norm.”  But, we want to help eliminate that fear by answering your questions so that you feel comfortable with your decision to seek ibogaine treatment at our clinic.

The stages of ibogaine therapy are:

  1. An individual goes through a physical and psychological assessment to determine their full ibogaine treatment protocol at the Clinic. This takes about 1-2 hours.
  2. The first dose of ibogaine is administered prior to any withdrawal symptoms setting in. Ibogaine is not a magic bullet, but it will prevent withdrawal. The goal here is to keep the individual comfortable throughout the entire treatment process.
  3. David Dardashti defines a treatment protocol that’s right for YOU based on the completed assessment—no two treatment plans are the same.
  4. Proper dosing of ibogaine is administered based on the treatment and healing protocol that is defined by David Dardashti.
  5. A few hours after your first dose of ibogaine is administered, you will enter a state in which you can comfortably reach your subconscious.  This is NOT a hallucination nor is this like taking LSD (acid) or other hallucinogenic drugs! However, you will be in a mental state that allows you to explore the feelings you have, past trauma that may have occurred, and other ailments of the subconscious that may be at the root of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you are not struggling with substance abuse, ibogaine will simply reset your body allowing it to heal from other ailments.
  6. About 24 hours after the first dose of ibogaine is administered, deep introspection begins to take place and the client’s emotions start to come back. This sounds scary, but what is really happening is YOUR body and mind are FINALLY working together so that you can heal. Your subconscious allows the trauma to come forth, and as quickly as you experience the negative thought, it instantly leaves your body—never to disrupt your life again!
  7. Ibogaine remains active in the body for several months. Cravings are eliminated from your life for good and you have a renewed interest in living a healthy lifestyle. The ibogaine treatment removes the negative energy from your body and replaces it with positive energy. During this time, you are encouraged to work with a quality support group or aftercare program to ensure you remain focused on the continued healing necessary for life-long recovery.


Ibogaine treatment is different for everyone, but one common bond holds everyone together—the fact that ibogaine treatment helps people to become better versions of themselves. With negative energy released, and the whole body working properly, you become a healthier, happier version of the “you” that walked into our treatment facility weeks before.

Are you ready to see what the healthy you REALLY look like? Give us a call at 1-800-818-4511 to discuss your first ibogaine treatment. We welcome any questions or comments you may have and look forward to helping you take back control of your life!


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