Stimulant Addiction


Stimulants such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and certain prescription drugs such as Adderall pose significant threats to our community. Sadly, addiction to these drugs is being overlooked in many cases due to the opiate epidemic. If you’re addicted to a stimulant, ibogaine treatment can hep replace balance in your body and your brain allowing you freedom from the addiction that’s ruining your life? Call our ibogaine treatment clinic at [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location] to find out more.


Stimulants are a group of drugs that create stimulation to the central nervous system (CNS) when they are smoked, snorted, injected, or ingested. Unlike amphetamine, methamphetamine is a powerful toxin with great potential to inflict lasting harm on the body. Many think meth is the same as amphetamine, but it’s not. Methamphetamine is a neurotoxin that literally poisons the body.

Stimulant addiction is the result of repeated attempts to chase the stimulant high. Users that take stimulants to feel:

  • Increased alertness
  • A heightened sense of smell, touch, or taste
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Rapid release of serotonin and dopamine which induces a “feel good” state of pleasure
  • Increased energy

Effects can last a few minutes or several hours depending on the type of drug used and the method of use. However, once the drug begins to wear off, the user feels distinctly tired, anxious, depressed, and uncomfortable. This is why stimulants are often marked by long periods of repetitive and excessive use, followed by long periods of depression.


Coming “down” off stimulants and withdrawing from stimulants are not the same thing. Symptoms of coming off a stimulant include things like fatigue, headache, and anxiety. The jaw may clench, and muscles may feel weak at this time. Part of this is due to the exhaustion that comes from long periods of being awake while on the drug.

Symptoms of coming down from methamphetamine can last a few days but generally dissipate after several hours. Stimulant withdrawal is characterized by severe depression, anxiety, and lack of motivation as a result of stimulant abuse. Withdrawal, unlike coming down, can linger for weeks or months. Intense psychosis, weakness, and twitching can last months after the last dose of a stimulant is taken—even if the stimulant of abuse was a legal stimulant such as Adderall.

Stimulant withdrawal begins within 24 hours of the last dose. It can become more intense for several days peaking around the 10th day. The entire withdrawal process physically takes about three weeks, but psychological symptoms can persist for months. Cravings may linger for a year or more, especially when an individual abused stimulants such as methamphetamine for several years before quitting.


Ibogaine has the ability to stop cravings and reduce Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) which is common for those who abuse stimulants. It also helps to boost the chemical balancing of the brain to replenish dopamine receptors that may have been damaged or destroyed as a result of stimulant abuse. Together, the healing effects of ibogaine treatment help individuals to quickly, and comfortably overcome stimulant addiction and remain sober long-term.

As the body heals, and cravings are put to a halt, you are able to focus more on your recovery goals. Even after you finish treatment at the Ibogaine Clinic and return home, the ibogaine continues to work within your body to continue realigning your system and healing the core cells and systems responsible for your overall wellness.


If you’re considering treatment for stimulant addiction, either for yourself or someone you love, there are several factors you should consider before making a final choice in treatment. First, remember that ibogaine treatment is not legal in the United States—so to get proper treatment, you will have to travel. However, treatment professionals recommend traveling for addiction treatment because this takes you away from the negative environment where you may be accustomed to using drugs or alcohol and places you in a safe, controlled atmosphere where recovery can begin.

We also recommend you consider the following:

  • Amenities and accommodations – choose an ibogaine treatment facility that can accommodate you comfortably so that you can focus on healing. Our Ibogaine Clinic provides a wide range of healthy meal plans, safe, medically supervised accommodations, and amenities you need for comfort.
  • Location – Addiction treatment is underregulated in most countries. Be sure you choose an ibogaine treatment facility that will properly administer ibogaine to help you heal without dangerous risks.
  • Price – Ibogaine treatment is not covered by traditional health insurance. Therefore, you will have to pay for your treatment out of pocket. However, ibogaine treatment is more affordable than most traditional addiction treatment programs and rehab centers. Call our facility at [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location] to discuss the cost and possible financing options to get your recovery started right away.
  • Treatment effectiveness – most important of all, is to choose an ibogaine treatment program that offers effective treatment for your needs. Remember that everyone is different and has different needs. Therefore, the treatment you receive should be tailored specifically to you and your individual situation. To learn more about the effectiveness of ibogaine in the treatment of stimulant addiction, visit our testimonials page.

David Dardashti has successfully treated thousands of people using pharmaceutical grade ibogaine with his treatment programs. His treatment success stories span more than fifteen years and include people from all kinds of backgrounds. He and his team at the Ibogaine Clinic look forward to working with you to help you overcome addiction, heal, and take back your life. This is true freedom from addiction.


If you or someone you love is addicted to stimulants such as crystal meth, Adderall, or cocaine, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. Our Mexico Ibogaine Clinic is ready to assist you with your recovery. When you call our center at [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location] we will begin the process of scheduling your therapy.

You will fly to Mexico and be greeted by our team at the Cancun airport. After a 40 minute drive back to our clinic, our team of medical professionals and David Dardashti will assess you and determine the appropriate dose and type of treatment for your needs. Following ibogaine treatment, we recommend you continue a plan of aftercare at home.

Twelve-step groups such as NA are a nice starting point in maintaining your sobriety once you go home. These programs offer fellowship and peer support in addition to the support you can get from your family and other friends who do not abuse drugs.

We look forward to hearing from you—and to meeting you!


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