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Ibogaine Treatment for Fentanyl Addiction

Ibogaine Treatment for Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl, a potent, synthetic opioid, is arguably one of the most powerful, addictive, and destructive drugs in circulation today. 

This deadly opiate, engineered in pharmaceutical labs and not sourced from the opiate plant, possesses a strength between 50 and 100 times that of morphine. 

This potency dramatically escalates its addictive qualities and the dangers associated with its use.

With addiction mechanisms nearly identical to heroin, fentanyl is shockingly 100 times more powerful, as reported by the American Addiction Centers. 

The devastating nature of this drug often goes unnoticed as it stealthily infiltrates the lives of many unsuspecting individuals.

Fentanyl: The Invisible Predator

Fentanyl’s widespread prevalence as an additive in other recreational drugs elevates its insidious nature. 

The ease of manufacture and low production cost has seen Fentanyl become a popular substance to ‘cut’ other drugs with. 

It’s alarmingly probable that any street drug possesses a substantial percentage of fentanyl, dramatically increasing the risks associated with drug use.

More concerning is the heightened risk of overdose. Drugs like pills often contain uneven and dangerously elevated doses of fentanyl. 

For instance, a batch of counterfeit ‘blue pills,’ nearly always laced with fentanyl, may contain pills with an exceedingly high dose of the substance. 

The consequence of this can be tragic, with reports of users overdosing on their first pill being all too common across the U.S.

Withdrawal from Fentanyl usually involves a myriad of symptoms, including:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Anorexia
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hypertension
  • Rapid respiratory rate
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Pupil dilation

These symptoms are often more severe than those experienced from heroin or other opiate use. 

Consequently, an intensive, focused treatment approach with a longer duration than a standard stay at a wellness facility is absolutely crucial.

Overcoming Fentanyl Withdrawal with Ibogaine Treatment

At our wellness center, we utilize a technique called Neuro Stimulus Technique, incorporating Ibogaine treatment for Fentanyl addiction. 

Our protocol, perfected over years by David Dardashti, provides effective Ibogaine treatment for fentanyl addiction without necessitating a switch to other substances.

Many users that come to our Ibogaine wellness center for treatment are amazed by the rapid improvement they experience. 

Our treatment focuses deeply on minimizing withdrawal symptoms. 

While patients are required to put in the work and effort, we stand by their side throughout the process, providing a support system to aid recovery.

The Magic of Ibogaine and Neuro Stimulus Technique

The Neuro Stimulus Technique, coupled with Ibogaine, replenishes the positive energy within the body, enabling it to heal. 

Ibogaine works effectively by blocking the MU opioid receptors responsible for fentanyl withdrawal, restoring emotional and physical balance within the body. 

No other substance has shown such remarkable effectiveness!

Timeline for Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Our treatment with the Neuro Stimulus Technique and Ibogaine provides immediate effects, making individuals feel better instantaneously. 

However, due to fentanyl’s potency, the treatment is more prolonged and intensive than it would be for less potent substances. There is no need to take other medications while receiving Ibogaine treatment.

David Dardashti guides the healing process, which generally commences on your first day at our Ibogaine Wellness Center in Mexico. 

In order to fully recover from fentanyl addiction, you will likely require 3-4 ibogaine treatments with booster doses between major treatments.

Each guest is unique; therefore, David Dardashti and his treatment team tailor each protocol to the individual’s specific needs. 

They will thoroughly explain the process during your stay at the Ibogaine Wellness Center.

What To Expect During Your Stay

Upon your arrival at Ibogaine by David Dardashti, you’ll undergo an immediate assessment to create a unique treatment protocol tailored to your needs. 

The assessment typically takes between 1 and 2 hours, during which we identify the root cause of your problem and devise a plan to help you achieve lasting sobriety.

Once we have established your treatment protocol, David Dardashti will administer an initial ibogaine dose to combat your fentanyl addiction. 

This dose will put you in a relaxed state for several hours, offering deep introspection. It’s during this introspective phase that we work to understand the reasons behind your drug use and devise strategies to turn your situation around. 

We are there with you at every step, guiding you on this journey to recovery.

After your Ibogaine treatment, you will have time to unwind and enjoy your stay at our Mexico Ibogaine Wellness Center. 

Secondary and tertiary treatments are typically required to overcome addiction to fentanyl, a long-acting opiate. 

Each subsequent treatment will be similar to the first, but likely not as intense as your understanding of the Ibogaine treatment process grows.

Start Your Ibogaine Treatment Today

Are you ready to break free from the chains of opiate addiction and reclaim your life? The decision to quit might seem daunting, but we’re here to help. 

Call our Ibogaine treatment facility at 1-800-818-4511 or visit our contact page to speak with a specialist about fentanyl addiction treatment.

With David Dardashti’s treatment, switching to short-acting opiates is not necessary. Come spend a week or two with us, start your journey to recovery, and discover what true sobriety feels like.


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