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Heroin Addiction


To best understand how ibogaine can help you heal from heroin addiction, you must first understand how opiates like heroin or morphine work in the body. These drugs bind to the opioid receptors to produce powerful pain blocking and euphoric sensations. Heroin and other opiates calm the body, until the body becomes dependent, at which time the drugs are essentially required for you to feel “Normal.”

Ibogaine influences those same MU receptors in the brain that are signaled by heroin. Thus, a single ibogaine treatment can ward off symptoms of withdrawal from heroin and begin repairing the damage caused to cells throughout the body. This natural substance can reverse the damage done by years of heroin abuse allowing you to recover in a fraction of the time and without painful withdrawal guiding the way.


Ibogaine offers a cure for addiction to heroin. Individuals who have suffered from years of chronic heroin abuse and the repercussions that come from illicit drug use report immediate improvements in their lives following treatment at the Ibogaine Clinic. In the time that it takes most users to hit withdrawal peak, those who receive treatment at our Ibogaine Clinic are able to have overcome the worst of the addiction and are already planning the rest of their lives. They are healed!

But how? To better understand, first we’ll tell you a little more about this miracle treatment–


Ibogaine is a naturally occurring alkaloid that is found in the Iboga plant of West Central Africa. Ibogaine helps the body to heal itself by igniting the cells to take action one-by-one. David Dardashti has worked for several years to perfect a heroin addiction treatment using ibogaine. After treating several thousand people successfully, he now confidently provides withdrawal free care to those in need.

Individuals that come to the Ibogaine Clinic can quickly overcome heroin addiction without the need for other opiates or medications. Call 1-800-818-4511 for more information.


Heroin addiction is often treated using methadone, suboxone, or other powerful opiates that leave the individual addicted to another drug. Ibogaine treatment for heroin addiction has the potential to help the user quickly transition from regular use to sober living. According to recent studies published by the US National Library of Medicine, “preclinical studies in animal models of addiction have provided proof-of-concept evidence in support of claims,” that ibogaine alleviates drug cravings and opioid withdrawal symptoms after a single dose.

Further, when administered under the safety of a trained professional, the risk of significant adverse effects is minimized.


Traditional treatment for heroin addiction is simply not for everyone. Many attempt rehab or medication maintenance therapies and find that they still suffer from extreme cravings to use heroin. Those scrambling for treatment options are often best suited to a non-traditional approach—thus ibogaine offers an alternative to traditional therapy that can provide profound healing capabilities.


Ibogaine effectively blocks opiate withdrawal allowing for a smooth, pain-free transition from full-blown heroin use into recovery. Unlike other treatment methods that often require the user to first go through detoxification which can be painful and scary, ibogaine treatment for heroin addiction offers rapid detoxification from heroin without pain or discomfort.

When you call our ibogaine clinic for help, we book your flights and prepare you for the treatment process. You will fly to Mexico and a member of our staff will pick you up from the airport to transport you to our clinic which is located in a pristine, gated plaza. The actual ibogaine treatment process will take several hours.

David Dardashti will formulate a treatment plan that is right for your needs based on an assessment that takes place upon your arrival at the clinic. A flood dose of ibogaine is administered to you to “wash” away from your addiction. During this period, you will experience enlightenment and perception. David will walk you through the healing process.

Following your initial ibogaine dose, you will be free to relax in your room for the evening. Those who experience ibogaine treatment report feeling substantially better the first couple of days as compared to other forms of rehabilitation. Most are amazed at how quickly they overcome heroin addiction at our clinic and have only one regret – NOT getting help sooner!


We encourage you to research treatment options thoroughly before making a decision on the type of care that’s right for your needs. No single treatment options is ideal for everyone. However, we believe that upon researching the benefits of ibogaine, you will find that overcoming heroin addiction quickly, and comfortably, is the right choice most of the time.

Call our ibogaine clinic for additional information at [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location] to learn more. If you’re struggling with addiction to heroin, or you know someone that is struggling, ibogaine treatment can help!

Addiction is a deeply personal disease. The struggle is VERY REAL. We encourage you to see what ibogaine treatment can do to help you heal and overcome this disease. You will not be disappointed! Check out our youtube channel to learn more about what others are saying about ibogaine treatment for heroin addiction.

Overcoming opiate addiction without long-term suffering is truly a blessing to those who have been fortunate enough to find this miracle cure –we welcome you to experience it for yourself!

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