ibogaine methadone addiction treatmentMethadone is a commonly prescribed opiate that is used in the treatment of heroin addiction. Unfortunately, many who are treated using methadone find themselves subsequently addicted to this powerful opiate and struggling to attain the sobriety they originally sought. Ibogaine treatment for methadone addiction offers a safe, pain-free approach to overcoming an addiction to this powerful drug.

The decision to get off methadone is generally not taken lightly. Symptoms of withdrawal from this drug can be much more pronounced, and last much longer, than short-acting opiates such as heroin or oxycodone. Unfortunately, it’s the painful process of withdrawal and the long-lingering effects of the withdrawal that keep so many people hooked on this drug.


ibogaine methadone treatmentAt the Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico, David Dardashti has spent several years working to perfect treatment for long-acting opiate addiction. Today, he treats those suffering from Methadone, Suboxone, and Subutex addiction in days—NOT MONTHS. His ibogaine treatment protocols are based on years of research and come from experience—David has treated more than 6,000 people using Ibogaine to date and continues to provide quality, compassionate care for those in need.

Traditional methadone addiction treatment can be “messy” at best. Many who have tried to taper down the medication find themselves on long, drawn-out treatment plans that only reduce the Methadone by a couple of milligrams each week. This process can leave someone that legitimately WANTS to stop taking Methadone stuck taking the drug for a year or more – during this time, the risk of relapsing or increasing the dose backup is always present.

David Dardashti’s method of treating methadone addiction involves a painless approach that, from start to finish, is over in a matter of 7-10 days. No short-acting opiates are required to replace methadone, and there is no need to spend months tapering down. (However, tapering the Methadone down some if you are on a high dose is recommended as it can make the ibogaine treatment process easier on you.)


Abruptly quitting Methadone can lead to a slew of withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, fatigue, and agitation are some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal from methadone or other long- or short-acting opiates.

detox methadone with ibogaineAdditional symptoms of methadone withdrawal may include:

Symptoms of withdrawal will begin about 24-30 hours following your last dose of methadone. These symptoms will continue to wreak havoc for several days or weeks following your last dose. Unless you


ibogaine treatment for methadone abuseAlthough traditional methadone withdrawal can be painful and long, treatment at the Ibogaine Clinic is painless and fast. Ibogaine treatment for methadone addiction results in NO withdrawal symptoms. When you come to the Ibogaine Clinic, you will not need to take short-acting opiates and you will not have to experience symptoms of withdrawal—David Dardashti has perfected a protocol of ibogaine treatment that helps people overcome long-acting opiate addiction in a fraction of the time with NONE of the symptoms that are expected or experienced in traditional treatment.

Methadone addiction treatment at our Ibogaine Clinic is painless. For more information, call our helpline at [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location] to learn more.


ibogaine treatment for methadoneWhen you arrive at the Ibogaine Clinic you will be assessed by David Dardashti and our team of clinical staff including doctors and nurses. The assessment will take about 2 hours to complete. During this time, we are trying to learn as much as we can about you and your addiction so that we can do the most to HELP you while you are here.

After the assessment, David Dardashti will formulate a treatment protocol that is specific to your individual needs. Each person is treated differently based on their unique needs. Once David has determined the appropriate protocol to treat you, you will enter a room where your Ibogaine treatment will take place.

You will be monitored closely as a dose of ibogaine is administered. During this time you may enter a deep state of relaxation. methadone addiction treatment with ibogaineMany experience deep perception during their ibogaine treatment, but not all will have this state of mind. This is when you learn WHY you use drugs, and HOW to get well. Your body is doing the work, all you have to do is be present for the process and consider the work that your body is doing to heal from the drug use—later on, you will need to remember how much work it takes to heal so that you don’t fall back into old habits of substance abuse again.