The devastation of drug addiction has swept through America, wreaking havoc on the lives of the individuals and families involved. Sadly, millions struggle with the disease and can’t seem to find the right treatment for their needs. Ibogaine treatment can reduce the recovery time and improve outcomes for those struggling with addiction to short-acting opiates such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, or heroin.


Ibogaine influences the same MU receptors in the brain that are influenced by opiates such as heroin. Single ibogaine treatment can prevent symptoms of withdrawal and help to repair the cells that are damaged by long-term substance abuse.

Unlike some treatment programs, which require patients to first undergo a tapered approach or to switch from one opiate to another in order to “quit,” ibogaine treatment is a cold-turkey approach to treatment but it does NOT result in withdrawal symptoms. This concept is difficult for most who are addicted to opiates to understand because withdrawal is usually such an integral part of the recovery process in “traditional rehab.”


When you enter treatment for a short-acting opiate such as oxycodone or a street drug like heroin, you will first receive a full assessment to determine your physical and psychological needs. This is when our Ibogaine Clinic team works to determine how we can most effectively help you overcome addiction. Following assessment, a treatment plan is devised for you and a proper ibogaine dosing protocol is developed for your unique situation.

The dose is administered, and a period of relaxation ensues. Following this period, you will begin a time of deep introspection in which you can communicate with your subconscious often learning exactly what trauma and deeply rooted negativity are responsible for your addiction. This is a little bit scary for some, but just as quickly as the negative emotions are brought up, they leave your body and you are FREE from ever experiencing the effects of that negative experience again.

For several months after you leave our Ibogaine Clinic the body will continue to benefit from the direct effects of Ibogaine as it metabolizes into noribogaine and remains in the fatty tissues of the body. The last effects help your body to remain calm and satisfied, no longer cravings the toxic drugs it once relied on.


Our Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico treats the following types of opiate addiction:

  • Hydrocodone addiction
  • Percocet addiction
  • Oxycodone addiction
  • Morphine addiction
  • Oxymorphone addiction
  • Dilaudid addiction
  • Hydromorphone addiction
  • Codeine addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Fentanyl addiction

If you are considering ibogaine treatment to help you stop taking prescribed opiates, it is important to understand the types of opiates you are taking and how this may influence your treatment protocol. Many chronic pain patients have prescribed a long-acting opiate in addition to short-acting drugs such as oxycodone for breakthrough pain. If you take a long-acting opiate in addition to the short-acting opiates, ibogaine treatment may take a few extra days to complete. The same holds true for those who have switched to Suboxone, Subutex, or Methadone to recover.


Heroin and most short-acting prescription opiates are eliminated from the system more quickly than long-acting drugs such as Methadone. As such, withdrawal from these short-acting medications or drugs comes on more quickly than it will for a longer-acting drug. Likewise, withdrawal symptoms do not last nearly as long for a short-acting opiate as they do for longer-acting opiates.

However, the misery is very much the same, and most people who attempt to quit cold turkey do not make it very far into withdrawal before the excruciating pain and misery send them crawling back to the drug that they know will cure their pain. Sadly, this is a vicious cycle. Heroin withdrawal can begin within 6-8 hours following the last dose and may last 72 hours or more. Most symptoms subside after a few days, but Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) can linger on for many months leaving the individual feeling lethargic, moody, anxious, and unable to sleep well.

Ibogaine treatment prevents painful withdrawal symptoms from occurring and greatly improves recovery outcomes. Clients do not struggle with long-term symptoms such as PAWS and are able to more quickly get back to a normal, healthy lifestyle. In fact, after a single dose of ibogaine and a couple of days in our treatment clinic, guests report feeling significantly better.


If you’re ready to get help, our Mexico Ibogaine Clinic can assist you in the recovery and healing process. We welcome you to call our clinic at 1-800-818-4511 to speak with a professional about your unique needs. Our professionals understand the struggle of addiction and the courage it takes to make the call. You don’t have to be afraid of what we will think or to worry that we will place any kind of stigma on you—we’ve been there too.

Below are some considerations to make before you choose an ibogaine treatment clinic for yourself or someone you care about:

  • Location – remember ibogaine is not legal in the United States so if you reside in the U.S. you will have to leave the country in order to get help. Mexico does not have strict limitations on Ibogaine but this also creates a potential risk if you are not careful. Some advertise ibogaine treatment, but they do not use pure, pharmaceutical grade ibogaine. Our Ibogaine Clinic only uses the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ibogaine alkaloid to treat individuals. When seeking a treatment location, consider your safety in addition to other factors.
  • Accommodations – our facility provides comfortable accommodations that offer everything you need during your stay. Meals are provided and are tailored both to your needs and to your preference. If you prefer Kosher or Vegan, we can also accommodate that.
  • Effectiveness – ibogaine treatment is highly effective when you receive the proper care in the right environment. Remember, every case is different. The effectiveness of your treatment is contingent upon the proper ibogaine dose being administered for your healing needs. We go beyond simple height and weight combinations. David Dardashti and our team of doctors work together to define the appropriate ibogaine dose for therapeutic treatment to ensure your recovery is 100% successful at our clinic.
  • Success – ibogaine treatment success rates vary from one clinic to the next. Our success rates are very high. See our testimonials and success rate page for more information about the thousands of recovery cases that we report successfully on.

For help understanding ibogaine treatment, or to book your treatment today, call
1-800-818-4511 to speak with a recovery professional. We’ll help you put short-acting opiates in your past for good.

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