What does ibogaine do to the brain?

     The human brain is the most complex system of electrical impulses known to mankind. The amount of storage capacity the brain is capable of is equal to approximately half of the available technological data, across the globe. Many times people have lost touch with the brain’s natural flow of circuitry, making it difficult to process at optimal levels. Ibogaine hydrochloride has been used to help effectively restore the brain to optimal levels. 

     At Ibogaine By David Dardashti, our experts look past the conventional approach to ibogaine treatment. In addition to a glorified detox of drug addiction, our research has proven to help those struggling by enhancing the brain’s executive functioning. In doing so the person receiving treatment will continue life with enhanced cognitive abilities needed to succeed in life. 

     Ibogaine helps the brain restore itself from issues relating to drugs, as well as depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma. It enhances the person’s perception of their internal reality. This allows neurons to move at accelerated rates, allowing for more thoughts to process. The medicine also rewires the flow of serotonin within the brain, giving access to greater synaptic potential.

     The lucid dreamlike state caused by the ibogaine treatment helps the person rest in ways that could take months or even years to heal on its own. Unlike many other hallucinogenic drugs, ibogaine does not have any risk for brain toxicity. There have been tests that have proven to indicate only positive outcomes, at any given dose. 



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