For many years now, treatment plans have evolved for addiction to include Ibogaine ceremony treatments and other ibogaine treatment plans. The success rates of those who are dealing with addiction to mild and severe substances have found immense results with ibogaine treatment plans and facilities that use ibogaine. Ibogaine is harvested from the African iboga root bark and is used primarily to help those dealing with serious addictions. While treatments may vary, ibogaine remains one of the more successful ways to treat those who suffer from addiction.

Its’ hallucinogenic properties can give an individual personal insight into their inner psyche, how their addictions came to be and how to deal with them in the future. Outside of Africa, many ibogaine treatments are considered psycho-spiritual treatments while inside Africa; they are considered an Ibogaine Ceremony.


There are many parts to an Ibogaine ceremony. These include:

Each of these steps in the Ibogaine Ceremony is important and has its own purpose in order to help you heal your body and mind from addiction. One must complete each of these steps while in the process in order to successfully finish their ceremony and be on the path to healing.

When you are introduced to the forest in the first step, you will take small amounts of iboga through the days to prepare yourself for the ibogaine flood experience. The bath preparation involves you and others in prayer gathering and preparing healing plants for your bath. The spiritual baths cleanses your body and spirit, which is used at sunrise, noon and sundown.

How long does an Ibogaine Ceremony Take

The entire Ibogaine Ceremony gives you a change to reconnect with yourself and recharge away from electronic devices and other distractions. It can take anywhere from 12-36 hours in total to complete. And depending on your own personal healing path, you may notice the after-effects significantly or just slightly. Remember that each person is different and will take away something different from the Ibogaine Ceremony. Do not feel discouraged if your neighbor feels a different type of healing than you do.

After the Ibogaine Ceremony, there is the reporting or naming part where you have the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and ideas on the ibogaine ceremony with others. This section will help you deal with what iboga has and can do you for you as time goes on. Each section of the entire Ibogaine Ceremony is designed with you in mind. If you feel uncomfortable at any time be sure to talk to someone, remember that each person’s healing process is significantly different from their neighbor and you may need different healing that someone else does.

There are many different places around the world that ibogaine treatment is recognized as an effective form of addiction healing. Be sure to check out all of the resources and gather information if you or someone you know is dealing with an addiction.

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