We treat suboxone, subutex, and other opiates addiction immediately, without the use of short-acting opiates, and without withdrawal.

Ibogaine is originally derived from the African plant Tabernanthe iboga found in Gabon and Cameroon, West Africa. But Executive Program Director at Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico uses ibogaine hydrochloride HCL. It’s 99.5% pure pharmaceutical ibogaine, produced on pharma protocols. That’s why it’s so effective and free of hallucinations, rather perceptions. Watch the video below to fully understand the quality of David Dadashti’s pure ibogaine.

Native peoples have used tabernanthe iboga for generations as medicine for various ills. Ibogaine isn’t extremely well known among your average person, though European explorers made mention of it as far back in the 19th century and today the natural substance is popular among alternative medicine circles.

In small doses, ibogaine acts as a stimulant and was even sold in France from the early to mid-20th century as a stimulant named Lambarene. Ibogaine began gaining notoriety in the western world when it was noticed by American Howard Lotsof that ibogaine could reduce a user’s craving for opioid drugs, such as heroin, with little if any of the horrible withdrawal symptoms associated with the typical opioid detox.

American scientific researcher Howard Lotsof

When Lotsof and his friends were just teenagers, they were all addicted to heroin when they began experimenting with ibogaine. Lotsof noticed an improvement in his condition and realized that he had stumbled upon something important. From 1985 to 1992 Lotsof patented a number of ibogaine treatments.
Traditionally, Ibogaine was taken in a powdered form, after the bark of its plant had been thoroughly grounded. But, since the 1980s, ibogaine is available as a convenient capsule. Since then, this natural substance has been more and more used as an alternative health treatment across ibogaine rehab centers. Today, you can find ibogaine treatment facilities in Canada, Mexico, certain parts of South Africa, even the Netherlands because of its power to treat others diseases and ailments.

How does ibogaine work? Why the Ibogaine Clinic?

An ibogaine treatment works by alleviating symptoms by resetting and refreshing receptor sites in your brain. It cleanses the body of dependencies, kind of like pressing the restart button on your body. It resets the brain’s neuron-chemistry, and in the case of opioid addiction, in addresses the cravings from the metabolite Nor-ibogaine. Ibogaine rebalances the brain chemistry, leveling out dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and adrenaline.
At the Ibogaine Clinic, Executive Program Director David Dardashti has developed over 250 ibogaine protocols, to leverage its power of firing up the central nervous system to heal numerous diseases and ailment, from depression to diabetes. The key to a successful ibogaine treatment is its dosage and intervals between treatment. There’s no one-size fits all recipe! The treatment is as individual as the people getting treated.

The beach near Ibogaine Clinic

What diseases and ailments can ibogaine treat?

  • Opioid Addictions to Heroin, Methadone, Suboxone and Cocaine

If you’ve tried to break free from the grip of a substance, you know it requires what seems to be superhuman strength. There’s not only your physical reliance on the drug, but also your psychological need for the drug in order to deal with the unpleasant parts of your life you’d rather forget. Ibogaine is effective because it helps both the mind and the body to heal. It produces a safe zone where your addiction is no longer dominating your life. It allows you the opportunity to reevaluate who you are and who you want to be. Ibogaine encourages for introspection and deep healing by resetting the receptors in your brain, assisting your body to fix itself.

  • Depression, Anxiety and Alcoholism

Depression and anxiety might be called the plague of the modern age. Ibogaine helps to balance the brain’s chemistry which leads to mental clarity. This allows a person to begin seeing his situation more objectively, making informed decisions rather than reacting completely from an emotional place. The person can then start laying a path leading away from depression and anxiety. David Dardashti has developed specific ibogaine protocols to treat depression for people from all walks of life, helping them get off antidepressants, alcohol addiction (which is closely related) and lead full, healthy lives.

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