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What is Ibogaine Hyrochloride

What is Ibogaine Hyrochloride

What is Ibogaine Hydrochloride?

The only essential alkaloid extracted from the iboga root bark. 

What is Ibogaine Hyrochloride
The chemical structure ibogaine Hydrochloride.

What is the difference between ibogaine hydrochloride and iboga root bark?

Ibogaine is distributed in two forms.  The purified powder form, known as Ibogaine Hydrochloride and the naturally grown Iboga root bark, contains many different alkaloids that can cause unpleasant feelings when taken. The only benefit that the Iboga root bark has over pure ibogaine hydrochloride is the fact that it is cheaper and far more convenient to get a hold of. 

Is Ibogaine Hydrochloride more effective?

The hydrochloride salt is favored for research because its composition is standardized, which allows for more consistent results. In order for clinical studies to be proven to be effective, we cannot have any outliers, such as the unnecessary alkaloids found in the Iboga Root Bark to interfere with what our scientists are trying to accomplish. 

Is Ibogaine hydrochloride less toxic than Iboga?

Although ibogaine hydrochloride interferes with plenty of different regions of the brain. It does so on a very mild level. The medicine has never proven to have any symptoms of toxicity when consumed in its pure form. We do not have as much knowledge with the Iboga Root Bark, as all major studies have been done using the pure alkaloid, which has been proven to be less toxic than Aspirin.



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