What Is Ibogaine Treatment

Is Ibogaine treatment simply an alternative detox?

In the early 1960s, ibogaine gained popularity through its ability to eliminate withdrawals and cravings of opiates and other addictive substances. Under FDA regulation, this had been its primary purpose. Over years of ibogaine treatments, it has been apparent that ibogaine helps with other issues as well.

What is ibogaine treatment

Do some people perceive the medicine to help with mental and emotional addiction as well?

Ibogaine is a single alkaloid extracted from the iboga root bark which originates from West Gabon Africa. For centuries, Ibogaine Treatment had been used to help open a person’s subconscious, relieving them of negative emotions from the past. Having said that, it is only natural that the treatment will help a person deal with painful memories that they had been suppressing for many years.

If so, Would Ibogaine Treatment work for other substances and other addictions as well?

On a clinical level, ibogaine has been perceived mostly for being the most effective medicine to help detox off of opiates, however, many have considered the emotional aspect of the treatment to be even more incredible than the elimination of symptoms relating to opiate withdrawal. Ibogaine does also helps with the cravings of other substances. The most important aspect is the fact that many people receive help from ibogaine by overcoming the emotional issues that cause them to want to use substances in the first place.





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