What To Expect During Ibogaine Treatment

Your Ibogaine experience may begin with a buzzing. The sound of a swarm of bees over your head might clue you in to the journey that awaits.

You might feel dizzy, nauseous, uncoordinated, and you will spend most of the experience lying down with your eyes closed. If you’ve experimented with LSD or psilocybin before and enjoyed active engagement with nature or music, Ibogaine will not permit such external pursuits because Ibogaine is perceptual, not hallucinogenic. With your eyes closed, you will enter into dream-like scenes crafted from the depths of your subconscious. Visions may include elements of your past, and you may be shown the fears you must face to grow. To get the most out of Ibogaine, you must enter with no expectations facing yourself fully, honestly, like you never have before.


The content of your visions may be organized within cyclical imagery – a movie reel or a wheel of sorts may spin, drawing you into various visionary quests within. The visions may be bizarre yet beautiful. On your journey reminders of past trauma may emerge, you will have no choice but to face them, and you will feel stronger and more confident because you did. The challenging content, once encountered, will likely give way to peaceful and transcendent imagery. In the end, you will barely be able to articulate what you experienced. It has been stated that a complete ibogaine experience can equate to 10 years of psychotherapy in a very short amount of time.

You will feel a renewed sense of self-acceptance, you’ll feel more confident, and you’ll be kinder to yourself. You will likely have a more spiritual outlook on life after living your relatedness to all that is. You will probably have a convicted belief that Ibogaine would be helpful to many other people. If seeking ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction, you will likely feel fast-acting, lasting relief from withdrawal. Your withdrawal may never come, and it could feel ‘too good to be true.’ After the experience, you may go weeks or months without a craving.



Depending on your treatment protocol, your ibogaine experience will last about for about 1-day in-between treatments, with a peak experience of approximately 4-6 hours. You will be physically drained after the peak experience and will probably rest for about one day after each session. However, your mind may make it challenging actually to sleep. Because the experience will be difficult to recall and articulate, you may increase the integration of the experience by journaling or recording yourself describing your visions, the content of which can be used afterward to stimulate recall and further analysis. When all is said and done, you will not have enjoyed the experience, but you’ll view it as positive.

Because the market for ibogaine treatment is highly unregulated, it is essential to do your homework and to understand all of the components involved when it comes to optimal therapy.





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