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What To Expect From Iboga Treatment


Iboga treatment involves the use of herbal medicine. This isn’t the same as a psychoactive substance that you can find anywhere. Rather, it’s a treatment that offers complete healing by working on not just your psychological and emotional patterns but also on your spiritual and social life.

Cost of signing up

The cost of signing up for an iboga treatment center will depend on the type of program you need. Essentially, the entire cost will cover your accommodation and treatment. Our Ibogaine clinic has private bedrooms and bathrooms.

Iboga treatment doesn’t require a special diet. However, if you’re following a particular diet, you can tell the clinic during reservation.

Although you can always bring your friends for your treatment sessions, it’s ideal to focus on yourself during your healing process. Bear in mind that the treatment is not about them. Rather, it’s all about “you.” Your loved ones may want to support you during this process but they may cause distraction, instead of comfort.


Not every person who wants to get rid of his/her addiction can undergo this type of treatment. You may not be a good candidate for this treatment if you have certain heart problems. Pregnant women may not be allowed to undergo this treatment as it may affect the baby she may be carrying. Thus, before signing up, you’ll need to go through a series of tests to know whether or not you can submit yourself to Iboga treatment and take tabernanthe iboga. Our clinic has professionals and therapists who will assist you in every step of your recovery.

Be successful

When you submit yourself to this treatment, it’s imperative that your decision is 100% yours and not influenced by your parents or friends. Why would you like to take it? Is it to be accepted by society? Or you’d like to completely detach yourself from your addiction?

You must not be coerced into taking this treatment. It must be your choice. In this way, when you go to the center, you have an open mind and the willingness to change without distractions.


Each person is different from another.

  • One patient may experience nausea, dizziness, and light sensitivity after taking the first dose of iboga.
  • Another patient may have fewer negative effects, like sweating and cold hands.
  • While other patients don’t have those effects.

The effects of tabernathe iboga on your body will be different. Thus, you should not have expectations of how your journey would go. You just have to let the treatment work and go with the flow.

Iboga treatment is a wonderful tool that you can use to help you find your true happiness and inner peace. The treatment is used not just for taking away addiction but also to embrace deep happiness.

Once you have found it, your journey will become easier.

Duration of the treatment

Levels of treatment may vary. But the longer you stay in our Iboga treatment center, the more time you’ll have to experience the benefits of this treatment.

The entire treatment process will involve not just taking iboga but it also includes outings and eating great food that you may not have tried before.

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