When is the Right Time to Visit an Ibogaine Treatment Center?

when to visit ibogaine treatment center

You’ve thought long and hard, and you’re seriously considering visiting an ibogaine treatment center in Mexico – but one question remains: when is the right moment to commit?

After spending time with hundreds upon hundreds of guests, each with their own unique story, we’ve got a strong handle on the common reasons that people delay, object or simply cancel the idea of taking that potentially life-changing step and coming to receive ibogaine treatment for the fundamental issues they might be facing.

Perhaps it’s a financial challenge, where it seems unattainable to visit a facility like this. Perhaps it’s a time constraint, where the idea of disconnecting for days days or more simply seems impossible considering other responsibilities in your life. Or perhaps it’s anxiety about what you’ll have to endure prior to the treatment.

Well, there is a simple fact most don’t realize:

You don’t have to change your lifestyle to receive ibogaine treatment

One of the biggest paradoxes in people’s perceptions of ibogaine treatment, is that many are told they must rearrange their lives simply to be ready to accept the help. People are told they must switch to short-acting opiates, or have two or more weeks of major lifestyle change simply to visit an ibogaine clinic.

Yet, the very reason people are seeking help is because they CAN’T change; they’re stuck in patters that they need help to get out of. How do get the help you need to change, if you need to change to get the help?

Our facility, has specifically developed protocols because our founder, David Dardashti, having suffered from trauma and addiction himself, understands exactly how withdrawal feels and how the terrible sensations associated with it can immediately block even the best intentions an individual may have.

For this reason, the ibogaine clinic asks that you ‘come as you are’.

The protocols are personalized, and after a deep-dive session on understanding every individual’s completely unique needs, the treatment is adjusted to help first tackle the withdrawal from day 1, so that you’re never struggling to face it alone without help.

The Right Moment is The Moment You Decide You Want More From Life

The treatment is a trigger to a healthier you, and the brighter future you’ve envisioned, one free from traumas and undesired repetitive behavioral patterns. It is especially formulated to start you on your path of betterment.

So when is the best moment to commit to visiting?

The best moment is the moment when you want to begin the journey to a life free of addiction, anxiety, depression and burnout. We know the suffering that these cause among families, the destruction they can bring to personal relationships and everyday life, and that the longer they go unaddressed, the more damage they do.

We do not take the responsibility lightly when it comes to guiding individuals down a path of recovery and rehabilitation for themselves and their families.

We know what it means to suffer from trauma or addiction, and we know that we can’t guarantee that any individual will have followed any ideal preparatory checklist prior to treatment.

So we ask that you join us with an open mind, and a desire to get better – and that is more than enough to trigger the healing process we have become recognized for by visitors from around the world.

Simply reach out, and we’ll be happy to help you get started.


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