Ibogaine is an effective treatment for those struggling with the hardest to beat addictions to powerful drugs like heroin, Suboxone, Subutex Methadone, and oxycodone. But how does ibogaine work? What is the science behind this “miracle cure?” And, does it REALLY prevent symptoms of withdrawal?

These are all legitimate questions that truly deserve a proper response.

The way ibogaine works is actually a very complex process. On the outside, we see the guest ingest the substance and then a state of relaxation, and introspection begins shortly afterward. A period of deep perception of the subconscious takes place during this time as the guest works through trauma and other negative thought patterns and each is whisked away from the body. The release of these negative feelings and emotions is the basis for recovery and healing but it’s what happens INSIDE the body that is truly fascinating.


Ibogaine begins by lowering the heart rate which reduces blood pressure and induces a deep state of relaxation. Lower blood pressure and lower resting heart rate are signs of lower stress too. This is one way that ibogaine helps the body to restore and rebalance, especially if you suffer from naturally high blood pressure.

Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid. The non-acidic nature of the alkaloid and the carbon rings that make up the overall chemical structure of ibogaine give it powerful, yet unique, properties. Scientists believe that the carbon ring structure of the ibogaine atom can mimic serotonin. During substance abuse, the body overproduces serotonin and when drugs are abruptly stopped, the serotonin is depleted. Replacing serotonin becomes an immediate need to help the individual feel good or even to feel ‘okay.’


Since Ibogaine’s chemical makeup resembles serotonin, guests feel an overall sense of wellbeing when the alkaloid is administered. Ibogaine also balances dopamine levels restoring much of the chemical imbalance that is caused by substance abuse and addiction.

Scientists also believe that ibogaine has the ability to repair brain circuitry function which is heavily damaged by long-term drug use. Rebalancing of the system is one of the many ways that ibogaine is therapeutic both emotionally and physically.

Ibogaine has the ability to regulate the surge of dopamine that occurs as a result of addiction by inhibiting access to dopamine receptors. Much like long-acting opioids block the opioid receptors to prevent withdrawal, ibogaine can block the molecules responsible for transporting dopamine to the brain cells preventing the effects of a dopamine surge. This prevents symptoms of withdrawal and stops the brain from “thinking” it needs more of the drugs that are were previously accustomed to—thus preventing cravings.

Additionally, ibogaine influences the brain to release additional chemicals that are called neurotrophic factors. Neurotrophins are tiny molecules that play a very large role in the neural regeneration and regulation and development of the Central Nervous System (CNS). The US National Library of Medicine reports, “The use of neurotrophic factors as therapeutic agents is a novel strategy for restoring and maintaining neuronal functioning…” Neurotrophic factors help to repair the nervous system which was terribly damaged by drug use.


Following the administration of ibogaine, the body begins to metabolize the alkaloid. As it breaks down, ibogaine becomes smaller molecules in the liver and it metabolizes into a chemical called noribogaine which is left behind in fatty tissues. Noribogaine is chemically structured almost identically to ibogaine which is why ibogaine stays in your body for several months and continues working to prevent Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS).

The slow metabolization of ibogaine allows the substance to remain active for several months fending off negative symptoms and creating positive energy. Additional long-term effects of ibogaine include:


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Every person’s needs are different. That’s why we have a team of 15 medical doctors that work together to develop each guest’s treatment plan. Ibogaine truly can restore balance into your life and, with proper therapy, your recovery can begin right away. The only regret our guests have, is not getting treatment sooner—so why not call today?